Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to make a Gnome house Jar

A gnome house with a removable ceiling is a good idea for keeping small things inside it... Like candies or (Bu7’or) or any thing u like to keep it inside this cute Jar.
This is what you need:
ceramic dough , ceramic colors and Polish , a Glass Jar ( any size that u like , in this tutorial I picked a small and big sizes )

Let’s have fun and begin ^_^

First remove the plastic circle that holds the cover ..

Take a piece of ceramic dough

Cover the jar with the dough like so …

And then role it to make it looks better

Don’t forget to measure the size of the cover and after measuring the size cut any extra dough (it will stick inside the jar )

Now here it comes the fun part ^_^
Cut a small size of the ceramic dough by scissors to create the door and windows... Like so...

Stick them on the jar and then try to decorate the windows and the door with a needle or pen

Put the cover on and then cover it with the ceramic dough like so …

Try to create a (Gnome hat) shape or any shape u like for the ceiling
This is the final look for the gnome house Jar ^_^

After the jar dry paint it and don’t forget to polish it to make it shinier

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa ..
take a look ^_^ a cute gnome house

Try to create different shapes like this cute mushroom house ....

Look to that little gnome house jar ^_^

I hope you like it all ^ . ^


  1. amazing!!

    tottaly like it

    I have to tray doing it one day

    thanks beni for sharing ^_^

  2. U have to try ^^ it’s fun

    Thank u for the comment ^^

  3. hmmmm.... el yoom mazaji akaser.. :P